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  • Single button blazer
  • Made of 88% Polyester, 10% Viscose and 2% Elastane
  • Three front pockets, one at chest
  • Four decorative buttons at cuffs
  • Double split at back and two inner pockets
  • Fully canvassed design
  • Skinny fit
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Would you like to be able paint anything confidently without spending an endless amount of time?
During this session, students will learn fundamentals of art via Zoom step-by-step drawing lessons. They will also learn the basics of drawing and; how to incorporate concepts of color mixing, brushwork, and design frameworks that will improve their art skills and techniques.
What You’ll Learn
-inspiration to paint
-the secret to painting anything
-orderly steps to painting
-know what to paint and what not to
-specifics on the supplies you’ll need
-colour mixing and layering techniques

-how to properly care for your materials
  • 4 weeks – $120.00 (duration 1 hour)