GREEN LION ARTS STUDIO, Newmarket, ON for Children was born both out of a need to find a wonderful place for my artistic daughter to explore creativity, and a desire to share my passion for creativity. That was 5 years ago.

Now look at how we’ve grown and some of the fabulous things we do…

Come work in our wonderful home studio and get unforgettable experience of creating a masterpiece with your own hands. Let me help you express your long cherished dreams on the canvas. Work with us on a painting you have always wanted (no artistic experience required). And you’ll be proud of what you’ll create! Let me help your children create the most beloved and cherished gift you could imagine.

Have a party with us – little kids and grown-ups It is very important, I believe, that we all get an opportunity to express ourselves artistically in a quiet and creative atmosphere as the world continues celebrating and promoting multi-tasking and hyper-stimulation. This is an opportunity to see ourselves and the world around us in a different way. I love what I do and am grateful everyday for the opportunity I have to share that passion.


GREEN LION ARTS STUDIO is committed to building positive self-awareness, innovative thinking, and the original self expression of children. In our studio, we believe in cultivating the intrinsic creativity of every child.

At GREEN LION ARTS STUDIO, our professional teaching artists, renowned visiting artists, and dedicated volunteers teach every child how to steer their own creative direction through innovative experimentation in painting, sculpting and hand crafting. We are confident that your child’s journey to self-esteem and creativity will commence with us at GREEN LION ARTS STUDIO. The following classes are open to all ages both boys and girls, unless otherwise noted – Classes. If you do not see a time that suits you, please ask me for one – Contact Us.